Sprungbrett“ means in German „spring-board“ and this is what we are. We provide a jump start for digital business models. Being seasoned entrepreneurs in the digital field, we know what it takes to successfully launch a business. For us at Sprungbrett Media it’s all about taking calculated risks, following our passions and creating value.

Business Strategy

Our business background and comprehensive experience in the online industry as entrepreneurs and investors is a solid foundation for creating successful digital strategies.

Finance and Risk

Being multiple start up founders ourselves we know that without risk there is no reward. Even the best ideas are doomed if they are not properly financed or the team behind them not 100% committed.


We believe that cooperation is the key for long lasting success. That is why we follow the principle “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. “

Consulting and Experience

We were involved in several M&A transactions as sellers and buyers and we have build up teams from zero to a few hundred in several fields. We are happy to share our insights with our partners.